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William Kent, trained as a coach painter, became an artist and designer working in many areas, including garden design. His taste was formed during a series of Grand Tours with his patrons. In the 1720s he worked with Lord Burlington on Chiswick House.


William Kent then became a landscape designer and, in Walpole's famous words proved himself 'born with a genius to strike out a great system from the twilight of imperfect essays. He leaped the fence, and saw that all nature was a garden'. William Kent's remark that 'all gardening is landscape painting' continues to influence garden designers.


Rousham is the best surviving example of his work and visitors to Greenwich Park should look out for the royal barge he designed - it is one of the most popular exhibits in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.


Gardens designed by William Kent

Garden Structures and Furniture inspired by

 William Kent (1685 -1748)

During 2012, we were commissioned to create a Garden seat in the style of William Kent. Our client had seen what he wanted on a visit to Rousham House Garden and using photographs and sketches we were able to create a replica of one of Kent’s most outstanding examples of landscape architecture.












The structure was built in our workshop using a range of traditional and modern woodworking techniques to ensure the highest quality workmanship and standards. It was treated and painted at the workshop to get the best finish possible. The seat is made using Sapele and jointed using the mortise and tenon procedure. Thus ensuring a solid structure that, with little maintenance, will last for many, many years to come.












The structure was created in ‘kit form’ to enable it to be taken apart and then reconstructed at the site, making transportation and delivery much easier and more cost effective.













The base and under-seat structure were built using reclaimed bricks to match carefully with the house and surroundings.  The roof was leaded after installation on site to create a truly authentic William Kent inspired piece.











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